By cookie84, January 12, 2009 in Pregnancy: Tips, Questions and Information. A narrowing of the cervix can make childbirth difficult after undergoing the LEEP procedure. Trying for baby no 2 after after abortion, lletz and copper coil. 17 women had received a cerclage after LLETZ, all of them being prophylactic. This procedure is similar to a LLETZ. Pregnancies after LEEP procedures are generally considered high … She removed most of my cervix (I have very little left but have been told they have left it quite neat up there!) After a LLETZ or LEEP you can still become pregnant, but you may have a slightly higher risk of having the baby prematurely. The goal of this literature review was to locate available literature regarding pregnancy and birth outcomes following cervical excision procedures to treat CIN2 or 3, and to focus on the relationship of cervical excision procedures to the risk of preterm birth. Hello Ladies. by LLETZ is less than 16mm and histology is available (Ministry of Health, 2012). If you become pregnant, it is important to tell your GP or doctor that you have had a LLETZ. It all turned out ok & i had the lletz 6 weeks after he was born. It: ... exercising, including swimming, for at least 2 weeks, or while there's still any bleeding or discharge You'll also be advised to have another cervical screening test 6 months after treatment, to check for abnormal cells and the human papilloma virus (HPV). period like pains that last more than a day or two; a high temperature (fever) LLETZ. Two women were treated a second time by LLETZ, both at their first follow-up appointment, because there were no ‘clear margins’, i.e. The most common treatment is large loop excision of the transformation zone (LLETZ). I took 2 panadol in case every four hours immediately after the procedure which only takes 20 minutes between the discussion and the actual treatment. The tissue sample is sent to the lab for assessment. I am hoping some of you can shed some light. The medicines are prescribed by the hospital or clinic, and you usually take them 1 or 2 days apart. In reality, it was nothing like I'd feared. Bleedings during pregnancy after LLETZ procedure. The time interval between LLETZ and pregnancy did not appear to have an effect on PTL rates. I have been experiencing so much lightening crotch this time round and its got to the point where I have it several times a day and can barely walk through it! In Jan 2012 I had a colposcopy and loop diathermy as had cin 1 2 and 3. Reply . Recent research has looked at the risk of preterm labour (giving birth before 37 weeks of pregnancy) for women who have LEEP (Loop Electrosurgical Excisional Procedure) or large loop excision of the transformation zone (LLETZ) 32), 33). cecilia. You may notice a burning smell during this procedure. There is also a concern of preterm birth of a baby and possible second trimester miscarriage. This is normal. Followers 1. The procedure can cause difficulty in the early stages of labor for a small number of women who develop cervical stenosis. 1 doctor answer. Hi very new here, I'm 30 and actively trying. Home Forums Trying to Conceive Trying to Conceive Waiting to Try. I had a LLETZ in 2014 and this is the only pregnancy I have had since then (two pregnancies previous to that). Specializes in Obstetrics and Gynecology. After finding precancerous cells I had the Lletz procedure and fell pregnant straight after. 2 consecutive pregnancy losses. This usually happens several hours after you take the second medicine. all tests since have been clear and I fee well but just wondered about any risks. Hi as above, am looking for ladies who have experienced this. END OF COMMENTS Keep me updated with new comments. LLETZ. 2 things CAN occur after leep, either your cervix become hardend - similar to scar tissue, causing it to take longer to dialate when you are in labour. Then there is the opposite, where your cervix is open and loose. 2 Answers. I would be really interested to hear in experiences and info given by the hospital. After LEEP, there is a 10% chance of preterm delivery. Has anyone had issues with pregnancy after having this procedure, either difficulty getting pregnant or delivering pre-term? Its been 2 years now & all tests have been clear since. There are some specific risks to be aware of in relation to this operation: Excessive bleeding from the cervix, which may need blood transfusion or further surgery, either initially or within weeks of the procedure. thanks in advance for all the usual excellent answers. Changes to the cervix are so common and my opinion is get whatever abnormal cells off and forget about it! ne84. 30. A letter with your results and recommended follow-up will be posted to you and your local doctor two to three weeks after your operation. Hi I am 16 weeks pregnant following two LLETZ after CC so iv been getting monitored every couple of weeks at the hospital (I had a large amount of cervics removed as a result of the CC). This is because there may be a small risk to future pregnancies. There was no statistically significant difference in terms of dermographics and HPV status between the two groups. the area of abnormality had not been completely removed. The truth about getting pregnant after 40. It’s information you receive as and after you have the procedure. Multiple factors: Yes, ovulation frequency is not as prevalent at age 39, but you have had two non viable ovulation pregnancies. The risk of preterm labour is also increased. I lost my pregnancy at three months. After 3 years of 6 months checks they have now suggested I have the Lletz again but have warned me that this could cause early labour if I was to become pregnant again. I would tell anyone not to be a bit scared and this is so common. I don’t want this procedure to impact the rest of my life. I've had 2 Lletz procedures in the past and was v. worried about pre-term labour as a result. There might be some complications after LEEP procedure that includes heavy bleeding, pain, infection of cervix or uterus, scarring or stenosis of the cervical opening. advertisement. Joined: Oct 24, 2017 Messages: 2 Likes Received: 0. The first I heard it could be because of the LLETZ … Two studies did not report any significant differences,13 32 whereas the remaining two described significantly higher overall pregnancy rates for the treated population.13 30 Specifically, one study30 reported that women treated with laser conisation or ablation had high pregnancy rates (277/433; 64%) compared with untreated women (177/433; 41%) (relative risk 1.56, 95% confidence … After the initial 1-2 weeks of bloody discharge, a clear discharge may persist for up to 6 weeks. I keep having small bleedings (brown or light red,sorry tmi) nearly every week. However second week my period was due (wasn’t told needed to skip or anything to heal) so I had it as normal. ... Hi just to say i got pregnant after letz procedures sin 3, 3 months after and after a sudden hemorrhage after the letz and now my baby girl is 7 months old and had no problems with my cervix during the pregnancy xxx. These risks are rare and only happen in 1% of cases. This risk can depend on … Pregnancy after LLETZ Procedure Sign in to follow this . Relevance. As with cone biopsy, studies looking at pregnancy after LLETZ show that there is a small rise in risk of birth before 37 weeks and having a low birth weight baby. Dr. Wayne Ingram answered. I can only think this is related to my cervix and I'm so paranoid its because of the LLETZ. Pregnancy after LLETZ Procedure. Conclusions This study reveals that the thickness and the total volume of the excised transformation zone are associated with an increased risk of PTL. Cone biopsy. We found no association between the grade of CIN and the risk of PTL. I am now 19 weeks and had the procedure five years ago. I found out about the cin3 while pregnant with my 2nd son but chose to keep him and hope for the best. I felt great immediately after the procedure with basically no bleeding the first week. It does not need surgery or an anaesthetic. Pregnancy Forum. The pregnancy was fine but my boy arrived 4 weeks early. About 2 in 100 (2%) people who become pregnant at any time after LLETZ will give birth before 37 weeks (prematurely) because of the treatment. So I had my son 9 years ago.. About 98 in 100 (98%) people will not give birth prematurely because of the treatment. Although the risks associated with a LLETZ procedure or a cone biopsy are low, you should be aware that every surgical procedure has some risk. This has been found to be linked to how deep the excision (area of tissue that is remove) is, which depends on how large the area of abnormalities is. If your doctor discovers high-grade abnormal cells during pregnancy, you’ll have to wait until after giving birth to have the LEEP performed. Took me 6 … or my age, 39. no previous pregnancies. i had lletz procedure just under 3 weeks ago now. Talk to your doctor before the procedure if you are concerned. Medical abortion involves taking 2 different medicines to end the pregnancy. BabyReadyNo2 New Member. Unfortunately my lletz didnt get clear endocervical margins but as I can't have a follow up smear here until baby is born I'm trying to not let that side worry me. Having a LEEP prior to pregnancy doesn’t increase the likelihood of miscarriage. Thanks for your support here, Kristina. Answer Save. It's the most common treatment for removing cell changes in the cervix. And it’s difficult because, you know, how can a women make up her mind. As a control group, we included 60 women who underwent cervical length screening because of one late miscarriage in a previous pregnancy, and who had not undergone LLETZ. Jun 8, 2017 12:33PM in Pregnancy. LLETZ stands for 'large loop excision of the transformation zone'. Pregnant after loop diathermy/leep/lletz procedure? pregnancy loss and the occasional need to strengthen the cervix during a pregnancy by the insertion of a special stitch (cervical cerclage). I had a leep called lletz procedure here in November 2011 after my very first smear showed CIN3 and discovered I was pregnant before my follow up smear this May. After treatment, most of the women we talked to were told about aftercare and follow-up care (see ‘Healing after LLETZ or cone biopsy’ and ‘Follow-up care’). asha says: October 25, 2018 at 3:04 pm hi Kristina, yes.. Obviously yes granted the procedure has to be done. The pregnancy is passed (comes out) through the vagina. … could it be because i've had 2 lletz procedures and biopsies? Reply. In many cases, pregnancy after a LEEP procedure can go smoothly as long as extra precautions are taken, which is why women are advised to tell their doctor about the past surgery so they can proceed with all necessary information. pregnancy after lletz procedure? does anyone know anything about the implications of being pregnant having previously had a lletz procedure? Most women are able to return to work the following day after a LLETZ procedure, but some women may require more time off work, depending on their recovery and the nature of their work. I had an LLETZ procedure for cin2 around 2013 (after having my first child) and I'm now pregnant with the second. Discussion in 'Waiting to Try' started by BabyReadyNo2, Oct 24, 2017.