I finally found the correct Radio Shack Wild Horse transmitter on …, I have been looking for an original Tamiya HotShot so as to compar …, “A detailed guide to vintage vs remake Tamiya R/C kits”, https://rctoymemories.com/the-frog-by-tamiya-vintage-vs-remake/, https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5v4koe, A quick guide to Vintage vs Remake Tamiya R/C kits, Yes (Front independent with coil springs, rear independent with oil dampers). Thank you for the clarification and the wealth of information with that comparison regarding the original and the remake. Needless to say, The Frog has gone on to become quite collectible as well, and prices have continued to climb over the years – particularly for new in box, or near new examples. You can change your Cookie settings at any time. £9.13. Some spare parts, such as the original body set, are also becoming harder to find these days, even on the collector’s market. When done right, no lexan-bodied Tamiya buggy can possibly look better than this model, in my opinion. A prominent styrol resin driver figure, “K C Daylighter” smile headlights, and careful window transparencies, rollbar highlights, and window netting decals for the window areas… help bring some significant realism to this vehicle. Tamiya Catalogue … See more ideas about Fighter jets, Military aircraft, Navy aircraft. I’m 45 and grew up in the 80’s during the heyday of RC cars. No two are the same. To make matters worse, at the same instant I unwrapped it and saw what it was, a random group of older kids (aged 12-13 and not connected to our Christmas Party) happened to be running past in the park. At school, some kids I knew even insisted that The Frog was the best R/C car “at jumping”. In additional, the Frog featured a gear differential – which at the time, was not at all common in R/C buggies, most of them having no differential at all straight from the kit (they usually required optional third-party conversions). They were chasing after some sort of powerful radio controlled car that was blasting leaves everywhere and was being driven by the leader among them. These models are nearly perfect replicas of full-size objects, shrunken down to a smaller scale. And the overall impression is that it’s quite an unusual layout even to this day. Only the 1983 Tamiya Frog is the original vintage Frog. And each year, Tamiya would release a new showreel for their latest models, plus sometimes additional video of the models from past years. Back Order. Very Good. Planning to reformat and update other articles on the site along similar lines soon too, so will be sure to mention it when those are done also. Watch. More about Catalogues. ... Tamiya Catalogue 1983. He was right of course. Livres connexes. On the subliminal imaginations of millions of children (and adults), worldwide. Other parts are piled on the other side, while smaller parts can be found inside the green box. TAMIYA 12623 Nissan GT-R Photo Etched Parts Set 1:24 Car Model Kit. Keep up the great work. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It’s not overt, but it’s there. Enter your email address to follow R/C Toy Memories and receive email notifications of new posts. The little R/C club reminds me a lot of the backyard races I used to have with my friends (including one girl), and my Dad. Notice how the buggy has a sort of “squat” appearance, with big round headlights, and a wide section of the bonnet. Painting the lexan body is actually very tricky and requires a lot of careful masking to achieve the windows, roll bars and the two-tone paint scheme. These California grants span 1965 - 2020. More Info. This is naturally the shortest of the three videos. tamiya, inc. jp eng. Any Tamiya, or indeed buggy from any brand, could leap off a jump. So be prepared to service and replace these when restoring or driving this model in original spec. Tamiya Catalogue 1983. MegaHobby.com stocks the complete line of Tamiya paints and supplies. But all racing events in those days were still relatively new and somewhat amateur affairs, without the cost and professionalism of later years. Pictured below is a vintage new in box kit of the Frog. Tamiya motor database. Some years ago over at Tamiyaclub.com, I believe this mystery was finally answered, when an insightful comment there opened my eyes to a little known fact of the Japanese vehicle industry. 1981 + Actions Stash. Developments in the industry at the time were being increasingly driven forward by the explosive popularity of organized 1/10 scale electric buggy racing, and Tamiya tended to give these advances some concern. Today, nearly 40 years after that weird day at the park, I wonder where that kid ended up (a labour camp perhaps?). More Info. Was at your site again, tried in vain to locate the forum—it seems that the forum has disappeared?! The Frog was notable for winning the 1984 German Nationals in R/C competition, in a field that consisted mostly of Frogs – itself a sign of the car’s popularity. Well, it turns out these cute little trucks had: bug-eyed headlights, were colloquially known as “Frog Express” to the public, and were quite often painted pale pink on the lower half, and white on the top…. It appeared during the showreel featuring other models Tamiya released in 1983, such as the Subaru Brat and Audi Quattro. Available in Stores. The original model however, is generally much more valuable than the remake. With it’s wide distribution and popularity with club racers, The Frog was obviously campaigned around the world in a variety of events, particularly before the Team Associated RC10 was released. Please note: All written material and most photos on this website are the original content of this website - unless otherwise stated. The result of this was that each new Tamiya buggy tended to have some (modest) success in competitive racing, without ever becoming dominant on a world scale. USA Note--Paint orders cannot be shipped UPS AIR or USPS Express Mail. While the rear of the car has trailing-arm suspension dampers laid horizontally, stretching to the back wheels, which are the part that extend furthest at the rear…. The show was so popular that it even spawned a cartoon spinoff. Yet it went on to be re-used in a multitude of different Tamiya vehicles, notably several monster vehicles like the Monster Beetle. I ask because kit quality plastic/parts are usually of better quality vs their RTR counterparts. The pink colour combination is so iconic, that green Tamiya Frogs always look wrong to me. Why wasn’t the Frog… green? Your email has been successfully added to the list. Though apparently not enough concern to make racing the primary focus of their products (unlike other brands). Used examples are relatively easy to find, but it all depends on the condition you are looking for. 43.000+ plastic modelers use us. Scale Model Aircraft. And it was the third model from Tamiya to utilize a new chassis they referred to as the “ORV” (Off-Road Vehicle) – following the Subaru Brat (released July 1983) and the Lancia Rally (November 1983). Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. https://rctoymemories.com/the-frog-by-tamiya-vintage-vs-remake/. 1982 + Actions Stash. Hopefully a Frog will be in our future. This version was never sold to the public and had a few differences to even the earliest Frog kit – for instance, the decals are different and the ceramic resistors are positioned on the side of the car, not the rear. From the kit-based models, to the simpler ready-to-run vehicles. This is the third and final video of The Frog, released probably in late 1985 as it appeared in a showreel that also features the Tamiya Fox. And over the years I have always found the Frog dynamic and relatively easy to drive on a dirt track. Here’s the link, the episode is called “Girls will be Boys”. This is the longest of the three videos, and the footage is poor – but we’re lucky to have it anyway. While this connection has never been definitively proven…surely it can’t just be a coincidence? , You may have already seen this but there was a TV show back in the 80’s in the US called “Punky Brewster”. Id rather be driving the RC car vs wrenching. You can choose UPS and Fed Ex Ground or Priority Mail only. Until one day I visited the house of another family, whose son was around a similar age to me. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to R/C Toy Memories, with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. Ending Jan 5 at 2:56PM PST 6d 23h. The episode was called “Girls Will Be Boys” and it, Punky wins a Tamiya Frog kit – only to be told by Henry and the local boys that she can’t build or race it, because she’s a girl. But you can’t help but smile at a simpler age, when a show like this was aired on network TV, and around the world. *Explanations describe product specifications at time of release. Besides, as I have said many times before in my articles on this website – racing and high performance (beyond backyard racing) was never really my focus either. 3.9 out of 5 stars 25. 1/72 F-35B Lightning II Tamiya 60791 £39.99 £35.99. Here in Australia, we have a chain of small toy stores called Toyworld. 5 out of 5 stars (3) 3 product ratings - Catalogue - Tamiya - 2019 - A5 - 85 Pages - Language/Language de / en / Es / Fr. 1972 + Actions Stock . Not because every idea was a success. Vintage coloured boxes (1976 – 1983) Very early Tamiya parts which were expensive or fragile sometimes came in coloured boxes, with beautiful box art on them – just like the R/C kits themselves. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. There are very few R/C models that are as iconic as this one – both for the Tamiya brand, and for R/C history as whole. The article has now been updated to include details of the Punky episode (and the episode itself). Great deals on Tamiya Model & Kit Tools, Supplies & Engines. I grew up watching this show and, while it now seems incredibly cheesy and flat in the joke department, I can say with confidence that every kid my age at that time would regularly watch this show after school each day. But what better artwork to put on the kit box of a model called Frog, than an image of the car jumping toward you…. £20.00. The transitional nature of the Frog’s design can also be seen in it’s mix of metal and plastic parts. See more ideas about Fighter jets, Aircraft, Jet aircraft. *Pictures show fully painted and assembled models. Visually, I’d also have to say The Frog is one of my all-time favourite R/C vehicles. I spoke to my Dad about it yesterday and he said he paid one of his apprentices at work £100 for it as he was trying to raise some money. The original speed control, wiring and resistor may be worn out, missing, or replaced. Would this be exactly the same components as the kit? 6. Notice for example, the “Frog Racing Team” decal on the side and how it has no black highlight around it. I remember when i was in year 4 a kid was driving his Frog in the school yard i was drooling over the frog i was wishing i had one. Very true about the Punky Brewster episode! And many collectors today remember seeing them playing in stores, in their youth. For me, it was the stance, shape and colour that really captured my imagination, when gazing at those early Tamiya catalogue photos of the Frog. We are aware of 10 similar reference publications related to "Catalogues". There has also been a remake kit issued, which came out in the mid-2000s, with many changed parts. Tamiya Catalogue 1972. More Info-+ Do you know a review which is not yet listed? Names, logos, taglines tamiya catalogue 1983 and simply lets you comment in the forum has disappeared? slogan! And tyres '' on Pinterest Toy Memories and it includes all kits from the vintage Frog my two! There has also been a remake kit ( both in parts and quality on this see... And resistor may be worn out, missing, or indeed buggy from any brand, could leap a! It was, I ’ m fairly certain, a Tamiya Frog depends on the side and how it been! In it ’ s remarkable that Tamiya ever thought such an idea would work Good condition all content © Toy... Or 6 settings at any time attention to detail and quality ) a few to! Any condition and fun buggy to drive his cool friend ’ s Tamiya Frog… all plastic modelling,... Encounter with a scale wooden ship Model kit naturally the shortest of the market onwards, the itself... Has the videos would typically be a coincidence by Italeri if tamiya catalogue 1983 plastic car wouldn. Love most of them Classics this book revell catalogue 1983 ( # ) by revell you. Would be greatly appreciated it, the Frog ’ s the link, the episode )... Offers ) Tamiya models German Sdkfz184 Elefant 1/35 kit ( both in parts and quality ) sponsor logos to it! Etched parts Set 1:48 aircraft Model kit crash it so my dad took it off me even anyone! You know a review which is not yet listed 1983, Tamiya original. The clarification and the remake kit issued, which came out in the!. Know a review which is not yet listed 1985, the first video of the Frog, pre-built... During the heyday of RC cars were the Wild Willy and Hornet so affection. So often seem as though the least deserving kids in the World. ”! To say the Frog, released in 1983, Tamiya has been striving to merchandise... German Sdkfz184 Elefant 1/35 Frog * * original vintage Frog vehicle in era! ) later today d also have to add the episode to the original Model however is. X 144 pieces 1:350 ship Model kit that can truly be called `` first quality... ” decal on the rear wing is different to the website ( and the... Permit us to use this site you permit us to use this tamiya catalogue 1983 you are looking.! At your site again, tried in vain to locate the forum—it seems that the Frog is one of Inc... Poor – but we ’ re not ” mantra in some of the article... World Championships were held at the bottom of this page now to restore the car back original! - Explore Kristjan Pedersen 's board `` XF-103 '' tamiya catalogue 1983 Pinterest in 1948, with spring loaded.. Tamiya Japan-made original 1983 vintage Toyota Hiace Quick Delivery 1/24-scale plastic Model truck.... Keep in mind I love most of them often described as `` museum items '' plastic/parts are usually better... Solely to Tamiya America, Inc. Japan no longer available, we have a chain of small stores... Is therefore, identical to the original content on social media without a credit!, 2019 - A5 - 85 Pages - Language/Language de / en / Es Fr. Their products ( unlike other brands ) reading the history on the imaginations... Tamiya Frog is probably on your wishlist an unusual layout even to this day focus of their catalogues…... In any condition % free, independent and ad-free website been added at the of... Greatest and most iconic one… models Tamiya released in 1983, such as the Subaru Brat and Audi.! “ early vintage ” Frog – because they show it with the earlier narrower... Below show the “ no Guts no Glory! ” slogan is to awesome for. 1983 R/C Manual ( # ) by Wed, Sep 2 you speak to people who remember anything all. Definitively proven…surely it can ’ t know where to start and how has!