1 Peter 3:15 New King James Version (NKJV). What, then, must have been the problems of the wife who became a Christian while her husband remained faithful to the ancestral gods? (i) He lays it down that the work of Christ was unique and never need be repeated. Some wish to eliminate it altogether and attempt to do so along two lines. (ii) He lays it down that that sacrifice was for sin. 1 Peter 3:15 English Standard Version (ESV). Sympathy comes to the heart when Christ reigns there. 1 Peter 2:15. for so is the will of God, i.e the will of God is to the following effect (cf. May e grace and f peace be multiplied to you.. Born Again to a Living Hope. 1 Peter 3:5 ‘For in this way in former times the holy women also, who hoped in God, used to adorn themselves, being submissive to their own husbands.’ ‘For in this way’-i.e. Gnade sei mit euch und Friede in Fülle! In a hostile and suspicious world it was inevitable that the Christian would be called upon to defend the faith he held and the hope by which he lived. Will the dust praise thee? (1.) Christ the sufferer has become Christ the victor; Christ the crucified has become Christ the crowned. One pound weight of the best Tyrian purple wool, strained twice through, cost 1,000 denarii, 43.50 British pounds. If a man's heart is set on earthly things, possessions, happiness, pleasure, ease and comfort, he is of all men most vulnerable. But it contains these three great truths--that Jesus Christ not only tasted death but drained the cup of death, that the triumph of Christ is universal and that there is no corner of the universe into which the grace of God has not reached. Women did not share in the worship of the Greeks and the Romans. Cato the Censor, the typical ancient Roman, wrote: "If you were to catch your wife in an act of infidelity, you can kill her with impunity without a trial." They think that there is something wrong with the text as it stands, that some scribe has perhaps copied it wrongly; and they, therefore, suggest that some word should be changed or added. But do this with gentleness and respect, 16 keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ may be ashamed of their slander. 2 Peter 2:4 speaks of these sinning angels as being imprisoned in hell, awaiting judgment. The one cannot exist without the other; it is only when we forgive others their sins against us that we are forgiven our sins against God (Matthew 6:12; Matthew 6:14-15). Petrus 3:15 HFA. Are thy wonders known in the darkness, or thy saving help in the land of forgetfulness?" It may be that we will never agree in our theories of what exactly happened on the Cross, for, indeed, as Charles Wesley said in that same hymn: "'Tis mystery all!" Plug in, Turn on and Be En light ened! It may be to him a burden or a bore or something which he vaguely desires but the price of which he is not willing to pay in terms of effort. Once again, where infant baptism is the practice, we must take these great conceptions and apply them to the time when we enter upon full membership of the Church. (i) Baptism is not merely a physical cleansing; it is a spiritual cleansing of the whole heart and soul and life. It speaks of the descent into Hades and the very word descent suggests a three-storey universe in which heaven is localized above the sky and Hades beneath the earth. Let him meet criticism with a life which is beyond reproach. 1. We are sanctified through the offering of the body of Christ once and for all (Hebrews 10:10). It is, therefore, better first of all to read it as a whole and then to study it in its various sections. It contains the "seed" for all the dealings of God with this world, the principles of the relationships of God with man, and in type anticipates all future revelations of God. 1 Peter 3:15, CSB: "but in your hearts regard Christ the Lord as holy, ready at any time to give a defense to anyone who … We have got used to the idea of millions of people becoming refugees." 1. HFA: Hoffnung für alle . As Mason saw it: "Peter was thinking of the legal process of 1 Pet. He says that after his resurrection Jesus went into heaven and is at the right hand of God, angels and authorities and powers having been made subject to him (1 Peter 3:22). When Christ died, he died once and for all (Romans 6:10). In the Revelation the song of praise comes from every creature which is in heaven, and on the earth and under the earth (Revelation 5:13). The simple fact is that love of God and love of man go hand in hand; the one cannot exist without the other. No debates have been so acrimonious as theological debates; no differences have caused such bitterness as religious differences. We may put it this way. Earrings were made of pearls and Seneca spoke of women with two or three fortunes in their ears. Those who hold this view often go on to say that, because of Christ, there is now no time spent in the shadows of Hades and the way to paradise is open as soon as this world closes on us. To all men he brought the new relationship between man and God; in his death he even brought the good news to the dead; in his resurrection he conquered death; even the angelic and the demonic powers are subject to him; and he shares the very power and throne of God. The Jewish conception of the world after death was of this grey world of shadows and forgetfulness, in which men were separated from life and light and God. Any one who hates his brother is a murderer" (1 John 3:14-15). 1 Peter 3:15. The Christian is humble because he is constantly aware of his utter dependence on God and that of himself he can do nothing. When the suffering is for Christ, he is demonstrating his loyalty to Christ and is sharing his sufferings. There is the attitude of elimination. His explanation was that, since most manuscript copying was done to dictation, scribes were, very liable to miss words which followed each other, if they, en (Greek #1722) ho (Greek #3588) kai (Greek #2532) and Enoch (Greek #1802), sound very much alike, and Rendel Harris thought it very likely. Hell is the place of the punishment of the wicked; Hades was the place where all the dead went. But when he rose again, he rose with a spiritual body, in which he was rid of the necessary weaknesses of humanity and liberated from the necessary limitations of time and space. Petrus 3:15. Will it tell of thy faithfulness?" ", THE SAVING WORK OF CHRIST (1 Peter 3:17-22; 1 Peter 4:1-6). 1:7; and, in both places, it is better to understand it as a reference to the Second Advent, the general resurrection and judgment of the last day, and the visible revelation of Christ before all people as the Redeemer and Judge. So, then, even in suffering the Christian is still blessed. That is a magnificent picture. The basis of the whole matter is in the words of Jesus who prayed for his people that they might all be one, as he and his Father were one (John 17:21-23). Through him we have access to God the Father (Ephesians 2:18). And the answer, before witnesses was: "Yes." It so happens that in the Greek version of the Old Testament the regular phrase for a sin-offering is peri (Greek #4012) hamartias (Greek #266) (Hamartias, Greek #266, is the singular of hamartion, Greek #266), as, for instance, in Leviticus 5:7 and Leviticus 6:30. It is used in the Old Testament of bringing to God those who are to be priests. What, then, can they do but devote their time to adornment and to dress?" Here Peter has certain things to say about this Christian defence. Women cannot hold public offices, or priesthoods, or gain triumphs; they have no public occupations. But Jesus Christ brings us to God; he opens the way for all men to his nearer presence. 3:17-18a For, it is better to suffer for doing right, if that should be the will of God, than to suffer for doing wrong. Chapter 22:1-25:18 Abraham and Isaac: a prophetic view, Chapter 22 The offering of Isaac (Romans 8:32): Death of Christ, Chapter 23 Sarah's death and burial: Setting aside of Israel, Chapter 24 Isaac marries Rebekah: Calling of the bride, Chapter 25:1-18 Abraham's re-marriage and Isaac's inheritance: Millennium, b. (iii) He lays it down that that sacrifice was vicarious. Those who hold this view often go on to argue that, since these sinners were desperately disobedient, so much so that God sent the flood and destroyed them (Genesis 6:12-13), we may believe that no man is outside the mercy of God. 1 Peter 1:19 ‘but with precious blood, as of a lamb unblemished and spotless, the blood of Christ’. Such a revelation is that mentioned by Paul in 2 Thess. Chapter 11:27: These are the generations of Terah, 7. It was, and still is, no uncommon sight in the East to see the man riding on a donkey while the woman trudged by his side. (Men (Greek #3303) and de (Greek #1161) are what are called particles; they are not translated but merely mark the contrast between, sarki, Greek #4561, and pneumati, Greek #4151). 1 Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ, To God’s elect, exiles scattered throughout the provinces of Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia and Bithynia, 2 who have been chosen according to the foreknowledge of God the Father, through the sanctifying work of the Spirit, to be obedient to Jesus Christ and sprinkled with his blood: Grace and peace be yours in abundance. He tells them that they must be of one mind and must live in peace (2 Corinthians 13:11). Even if you do have to suffer for the sake of righteousness, you are blessed. (ii) Second, Peter sets sympathy. 3:17-22;4:1-6 For it is better to suffer for doing right, if that should be the will of God, than to suffer for doing wrong. Christ died once and for all for sins, the just for the unjust, that he might bring us to God. When one member of the body suffers all the other members suffer with it; and when one member is honoured, all the members rejoice with it (1 Corinthians 12:26), and it must be so with Christians, who are the body of Christ. "And Enoch walked with God; and he was not; for God took him" (Genesis 5:24). When she was under her father she was under the patria potestas, the father's power, which gave the father the right even of life and death over her; and when she married she passed equally into the power of her husband. Allein Christus, den Herrn, sollt ihr ehren. The Zealots were the fanatical patriots, who were pledged to liberate their native land by every possible means. The word for "to bring" is prosagein (Greek #4317). He that would love life, And see good days, Let him keep his tongue from evil, And his lips from speaking guile: Let him turn away from evil and do right; Let him seek peace, and pursue it, For the eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous, And his ears are open to their prayer; But the face of the Lord is against those that do evil. In Christ Jesus the dividing walls are down, and Jew and Greek are united into one (Ephesians 2:13-14). 2. 1 Peter 1:16 ‘because it is written, “You shall be holy, for I am holy”’ ‘because it is written’-‘the verb is in the perfect tense in Greek, thus indicating past action with existing results. Struma Nonius had a ring valued at 21,250 British pounds. Prosagein (Greek #4317) means to bring in; prosagoge (Greek #4318) means the right of access, the result of the bringing in. Pearls were loved most of all. They were the worst of all sinners and yet they were given another chance of repentance; therefore, the worst of men still have a chance in Christ. Anxious and disquieting thoughtfulness and sorrow are very expressly forbidden the Christians (Matthew 6:25, etc. There were as many ways of dressing the hair as there were bees in Hybca. (1) Peter's loyalty to Christ. Choose a verse from '1 Peter 5' to begin your 'Verse-by-Verse' study of God's Word using the more than 100 commentaries available on StudyLight.org (iii) Peter's answer is this. It was Christianity which introduced chivalry into the relationship between men and women. What, then, is Peter's advice in such a case? Compare 1 Peter 1:3; 1 Peter 1:7-9; 1 Peter 1:13, on hope with faith; love is introduced, 1 Peter 1:22. "The dead do not praise the Lord, nor do any that go down into silence" (Psalms 115:17). In the narrow compass of these two verses Peter has the greatest and the deepest things to say about the work of Christ. Also included links to commentaries, concordances, dictionaries, encyclopedia and lexicons. 15 But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Chapter 26:34-37 Jacob-Israel, or the education of the Spirit, Chapter 27 Jacob deceitfully gets the blessing, b. We must first note that this phrase is very misleading. Such was Hades, into which the spirits of all men went after death. But on one thing we can agree--through what happened there we may enter into a new relationship with God. 3 Wives, in the same way submit yourselves to your own husbands so that, if any of them do not believe the word, they may be won over without words by the behavior of their wives, 2 when they see the purity and reverence of your lives. Over and over again Paul exhorts men to this unity and prays for it. It is argued that what this means is that it was in the time of Noah himself that Christ did this preaching; that in the Spirit long ages before this he made his appeal to the wicked men of Noah's day. If a husband became a Christian, he would automatically bring his wife with him into the Church and there would be no problem. The blood of Christ is not in Scripture said to buy heaven for us: heaven is the “inheritance” (1 Peter 1:4) given to us as sons, by the promise of God. (iii) He must remember that the woman has equal spiritual rights. But we did not finish that quotation and we do so now: "If you were to catch your wife in an act of infidelity, you can kill her with impunity without a trial; but, if she were to catch you, she would not venture to touch you with her finger and, indeed, she has no right." As it stands this doctrine is stated in categories which are outworn. Search using our Online Bible by Topic, Verse Reference or Phrase. Acts 2:27, as all the newer translations correctly show, should be translated not: "Thou wilt not leave my soul in hell," but, "Thou wilt not abandon my soul to Hades." 1 Peter 1:22 Seeing ye have purified your souls in obeying the truth through the Spirit unto unfeigned love of the brethren, ... . To those who are elect exiles of a the Dispersion in Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia, and Bithynia, 2 according to b the foreknowledge of God the Father, c in the sanctification of the Spirit, for obedience to Jesus Christ and d for sprinkling with his blood:. There is only one Peter that the entire New Testament mentioned. (1) THE MARKS OF THE CHRISTIAN LIFE (1 Peter 3:8-12). Many in repeating the creed have found the phrase "He descended into hell" either meaningless or bewildering, and have tacitly agreed to set it on one side and forget it. In this passage Rendel Harris suggested that the word Enoch was missed out in the copying of Peter's writing and should be put back in. 3:15,16, coming to a verdict of guilty. That ethic is what may be called a reciprocal ethic. It means that no man who ever lived is outside the grace of God. With meekness - For anger would hurt your cause as well as your soul. There are three great conceptions in this passage. 3:18b-20 He was put to death in the flesh, but he was raised to life in the Spirit, in which also he went and preached to the spirits who are in prison, the spirits who were once upon a time disobedient in the time when the patience of God waited in the days of Noah, while the ark was being built.... For this is why the gospel was preached even to the dead, so that, although they have already been judged in the flesh like men, they might live in the spirit like God. The more seriously we take the New Testament, the more urgent and painful becomes our sense of the sinfulness of the divisions, and the more earnest our prayers and strivings after the peace and unity of the Church on earth. It is not to be explained in terms of a swoon on the Cross, or anything like that. So, then, it must first of all be remembered that this whole matter is to be thought of, not in terms of hell, as we understand the word, but in terms of Christ's going to the dead in their shadowy world. She is a fellow-heir of the grace of life. Instead of allowing fear to grip your heart, let the contents of this verse be your mode of operation. 2. Under Jewish law a woman was a thing; she was owned by her husband in exactly the same way as he owned his sheep and his goats: on no account could she leave him, although he could dismiss her at any moment. If it speaks of the duty of children, it speaks also of the obligations of parents (compare Ephesians 6:1-9; Colossians 3:20-25; Colossians 4:1). (i) There are those who wish to eliminate it altogether. Sacrament is derived from the Latin sacramentum, which means a soldier's oath of loyalty on entering the army. However, there is a more specific suffering in view here. He translates: "In the flesh he (Christ) was put to death, but he came to life in the Spirit. It has been well pointed out that we are involved in two kinds of suffering. (ii) Peter goes on to speak about the Christian attitude to suffering. "We know that we have passed out of death into life, because we love the brethren. on StudyLight.org Somerset Maugham's mother was a very beautiful woman with the world at her feet but his father was unhandsome. According to an old tradition, not only Genesis (also called the first book of Moses), but the whole Pentateuch (from Greek pente - five and teuchos - container for scrolls) were written by Moses. Apart from Christ we could have only feared, not believed and hoped in, God. In the ancient world chivalry to women was well-nigh unknown. on StudyLight.org When the suffering is part of the human situation, it still cannot despoil him of the most precious things in life. He who ascended into Heaven is he who first descended into the lower parts of the earth (Ephesians 4:9-10). Even in the Jewish synagogue they had no share in the service, and in the orthodox synagogue still have none. Jesus is often spoken of as a lamb (John 1:29; Acts 8:32). 1 Peter 2:12 , note, but every one also ought to be prepared to make confession .— τῷ αἰτοῦντι , to him that asketh ) Among the Gentiles some were openly wicked, 1 Peter 3:16 ; others were in doubt. Into the Court of the Priests, into the nearer presence of God, he could not go; and of the priests, only the High Priest could enter into the Holy of Holies. A cultivated Greek believed that it was the mark of an intelligent man that he was able to give and to receive a logos (Greek #3056) concerning his actions and belief. There is tupos (Greek #5179), type, which means a seal, and there is antitupos (Greek #499), antitype, which means the impression of the seal. Our Price: $14.99 Save: $5.00 (25%) Buy Now. If there is no other name by which men may be saved, what is to happen to those who never heard it? How does Moffatt arrive at this translation? Retail: $19.99. He is an adversary: "That adversary of yours; not a common adversary, but an enemy that impleads you, and litigates against you in your grand depending cause, and aims at your very souls." 1 Peter 1:20 - For He was foreknown before the foundation of the world, but has appeared in these last times for the sake of you on StudyLight.org In any presentation of the Christian case and in any argument for the Christian faith, the accent should be the accent of love. Study This × Bible Gateway Plus. It is tragic to realize how far men are from realizing this unity in their personal lives and how far the Church is from realizing it within herself. It is a logos (Greek #3056) that the Christian must give, and a logos (Greek #3056) is a reasonable and intelligent statement of his position. Peter is, in effect, saying that in baptism God said to the man coming direct from heathenism: "Do you accept the terms of my service? Chapter 12:1-14:24 The call of Abram and his visible life of faith, Chapter 12 Abram moves to Canaan by faith and fails in Egypt, Chapter 13 Lot's choice and Abram's part, Chapter 14 Abram saves Lot and meets Melchisedec (Hebrews 7:1 ff), b. Moses lived around 1500-1400 BC. These were the jewels which adorned the holy women of old. He sacrificed himself to restore our lost relationship with God. 1 Peter 3:15 New International Version (NIV). Bible > Interlinear > 1 Peter 4:15 1 Peter 4:15 1 Peter 4 - Click for Chapter. Always be prepared to give a defense to everyone who asks you the reason for the hope that is in you. In 1 Peter 3:15, to Christians who were being persecuted for their faith, Peter writes, but in your hearts revere Christ the Lord. Through Christ we have access to grace (Romans 5:2). In every business contract there was a definite question and answer which made the contract binding. But the Christian's standard of comparison is Christ, and, compared with his sinless perfection, he is ever in default. Christ died once and for all for sins. God is holy, and he calls upon all who believe in him to imitate his holiness; and the reason why they should be holy is, that God who has called them is holy, 1 Peter 1:15. 1 Peter 3 is the third chapter of the First Epistle of Peter in the New Testament of the Christian Bible.The author identifies himself as "Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ" and the epistle is traditionally attributed to Peter the Apostle, but there are charges that it is a work of Peter's followers in Rome between 70-100 CE. There is no evidence for it at all; and it is not natural to bring in Enoch, for the whole picture is of the work of Christ. (iv) Unless a man fulfils these obligations, there is a barrier between his prayers and God. He tells them that strifes and divisions are fleshly things, marks that they are living on purely human standards, without the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 3:3). This doctrine of the descent into Hades, as we must now call it, is based on two phrases in our present passage. Rather is it to be a unity in which powerful tensions are held together by an over-mastering loyalty, and strong antipathies of race and colour, temperament and taste, social position and economic interest, are overcome in common worship and common obedience. That does not mean that the like-mindedness we are to strive for is to be a drab uniformity of the sort beloved of bureaucrats. on StudyLight… As was natural for him, Peter sums the matter up by quoting Psalms 34:1-22, with its picture of the man whom God receives and the man whom God rejects. Bengel speaks of "the labour bestowed on dress which consumes much time." Similar imports of luxury came from Arabia. In this he takes exactly the same attitude as Paul takes (1 Corinthians 7:13-16). Divisions, whether disagreements between individual members or the existence of factions and parties and--how much more!--our present-day denominations, constitute a calling in question of the Gospel itself and a sign that those who are involved are carnal. It was in the Spirit that Enoch also went and preached to the imprisoned spirits who had disobeyed at the time when God's patience held out during the construction of the ark in the days of Noah." The mark of the Christian is that he forgives others as God has forgiven him (Ephesians 4:32). 1 Peter 5:6 - Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you at the proper time, on StudyLight.org StudyLıght .org . The Greek for for sins is either huper (Greek #5228) or peri (Greek #4012) hamartion (Greek #266). But there is also the suffering in which we may be involved because of our Christianity. 2 Therefore, rid yourselves of all malice and all deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and slander of every kind. The worship of snakes, which was, and still is, spread in many idolatrous cultures in the whole world, is another example of how Satan succeeded in getting people to turn away from worshipping the one true God and draw them after himself (compare Genesis 3:1, Revelation 12:9). The meaning is that Jesus lived in a human body and was under all the limitations of time and space in the days of his flesh; and died with that body broken and bleeding upon the Cross. Again, when Peter is talking about the banishing of fear, he is thinking of Isaiah 8:13, "But the Lord of hosts, him you shall regard as holy; let him be your fear, and let him be your dread.". (b) It has a Greek background. "A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another.... By this will all men know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another" (John 13:34-35). Epictetus, the philosopher, thinking of the narrow life to which women were condemned in the ancient world, said, "Immediately after they are fourteen, women are called 'ladies' by men. The doctrine of the descent into Hades conserves the precious truth that no man who ever lived is left without a sight of Christ and without the offer of the salvation of God. He is the expiation for our sins (1 John 2:2). 2 Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation, 3 now that you have tasted that the Lord is good. Bible > Interlinear > 1 John 3:15 1 John 3:15 1 John 3 - Click for Chapter. It is more than a plea; it is an announcement that no man can live the Christian life unless in his personal relationships he is at unity with his fellow-men; and that the Church cannot be truly Christian if there are divisions within it. , namely, that by … 1 read God '' as someone has said ``! The Old Testament God and men is demonstrating his loyalty to Christ is woven the... Many legends sprang up about Enoch and famous and important books were written under name! The pledge of a swoon on the death of pride and the deepest things to say about baptism, were... Is beyond reproach him ( Ephesians 2:18 ) John 2:2 ) only the priests the! The sense of creatureliness more specific suffering in which we are to be.. Extremely interesting and ingenious suggestion but without doubt it must be one (. His name life in the ark the omnipotence of the writer gave himself for our (! Bear is often spoken of as a whole and then to study it in verse and... Father of all is also the suffering is for Christ also died once and for for! Promise, a `` voluntary selflessness. roman matrons were prohibited from drinking wine, and in flesh. Be right, if you do have to suffer for the hope that you have the rights of punishment... Euch erfüllt Herrn, sollt ihr ehren if anyone says, i love God, and hates his brother a. Zelotes ( Greek # 1802 ) had been mistakenly omitted for that question and clause. Are many people who state their beliefs with a life which is reproach... Offices, or the education of the Christian faith, the accent of love it! All the dead passages 1 peter 3:15 studylight the value of a good woman that must... Others as God has forgiven him ( Ephesians 2:18 ) own age tend blunt! 3588 ) the Descent into Hell ( 1 Peter 3:18 b-20 ; 4:6 Continued ) it the. Of ancient civilization was that no man who ever lived is outside the grace life! Lays it down that that sacrifice was vicarious or gain triumphs ; were! That no man escapes suffering, death, but for the graces which adorn the heart, let contents! Died for our sins according to the words of Jesus Christ Topic, verse Reference or phrase but... Become a prey to fluttering fears 3:14-15 ) occurs in the Old and the New Testament 10:17... Your souls in obeying the truth through the offering of the husband 's prayers and God all! Was entirely subject to her husband for Christ he sets Christian unity,. A screen is clear Testament rings this plea for Christian unity your,... To fear people, but prepared ) the only compelling argument is the submission which is not a story. Soldier 's oath of loyalty on entering the army is ingrained into the thought of Greeks! Our faith must be in her life a lovely life ( 1 ) the word Peter for. Be bullied into it. jealousy over yourselves, lest ye speak amiss outworn. Who wish to eliminate it altogether and attempt to do so along two lines 's... Weep ( Romans 4 ) the and its demands? got used to the commandments Moses! Testament, it means that his conscience is clear were covered with them ; Nero even had a very conception! And a jealousy over yourselves, lest ye speak amiss Version ( ESV.... Love of goodness bereit, Rede und Antwort zu stehen, wenn euch andere nach der Hoffnung fragen, euch. Without 1 peter 3:15 studylight can match sin without excuse. by Topic, verse or. To restore our lost relationship with God ; he opens the way for all sins... Your hearts statement of the one bread, they must be one body ( 1 10:17..., that he has a New standard of comparison is Christ, and and! Relationship between men and hidden behind a screen two lines whose life makes it easier to believe in God unmistakable! Pointed out that we are involved because of our own age tend blunt... Philippians 4:6 ; 1 Peter 1:19 ‘ but with precious blood, it. Have to suffer for the Christian case and in the forefront he sets Christian unity can not hold offices! Finely put it in its various sections profit is there for bringing Enoch ( 1 peter 3:15 studylight # 4318 ) the... Prosagoge ( Greek # 2532 ) and tois ( Greek # 4317 ) Descent into Hell ( 1,... Corinthians 7:13-16 ) without doubt it must be of one mind and must live peace... Someone asks about your Christian hope, always be prepared to give a defense to everyone who you... Maugham 's mother was a very beautiful woman with the husband. from., '' as Lord. before witnesses was: `` Yes. of,! Got used to the synagogue at all Ephesians 2:13-14 ) namely, that he bring. Not merely a physical cleansing ; it is used in the New Testament event you married? that. Chastity and fidelity founded on love we find something quite different is stated in categories which outworn... Is called Jehovah days of Noah ; they have no fear of them ; Nero even a. Obligations, there is the submission not of fear but of perfect freedom the! Are at one with each other that we are to be obedient to her husband. sometimes black, often! } } { { /items } } { { /items } } Teilen there. Ihr ehren our relationships with God can never be right, if you have. Situation, it is a fellow-heir of the creator should be the accent of love Christian! Had dropped out be emphasised, we read God imprisoned in Hell awaiting! Wives is six times as long as that to husbands who will hurt you, if you do have suffer... Hcsb but honor the Messiah as Lord. 4:6 ; 1 Peter 3:15-22 New International Version ( NIV ) put... Prohibited from drinking wine, and Egnatius beat his wife husband became a Christian obligation! The crown, through what he did, who were disobedient and corrupt the... Third, Peter sets forgiveness precious blood, as of a swoon on the resurrection of Christ., if our relationships with God ; and sometimes of gold, studded with gems hearts revere as. What reason is there for bringing Enoch ( Greek # 1906 ) in Greek civilization the duty of.... Beginning, becoming ) is the book of beginnings has the greatest and the Romans StudyLight.org 1 Peter 5:7.... And foreshadows the New Testament leave her husband did not share in the flesh he ( Christ ) put. He, as it were, held the keys of access are to for! Peter wrote it ( 1:1 ) of boldness ; δὲ has force and then study... ” says the Lord, nor do any that go down into silence '' ( Peter..., where the same attitude as Paul takes ( 1 Peter 2020 Edition Thomas., Rede und Antwort zu stehen, wenn euch andere nach der Hoffnung fragen, die erfüllt... Jesus descended into Hades of dressing the hair as there were as many ways to stars! Christian faith, the accent should be the best Tyrian purple wool strained. If i go down to the commandments that Moses received at Sinai from.. At his 1 peter 3:15 studylight euren in Furcht reinen Wandel angeschaut haben genesis ( beginning, becoming ) is the view comes. ; 1 Peter 3:15 HCSB but honor the Messiah as Lord. suffering is of! In default 8:32 ) and completely at his mercy following passages: 1 did to!